Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maverick?

The Maverick Party is a registered, federal political party in Canada. We contest elections for Members of Parliament to go to Ottawa. Maverick is unique in that we are the only federal political party that represents Western Canada. We do not contest elections anywhere east of Manitoba. Maverick is from the West, by the West, for the West.

Where does Maverick Run?

Maverick only runs candidates in federal ridings in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the three territories.

Why is Maverick Needed?

Maverick is needed to truly represent the West. In the current system, the election is over once the Ontario votes are counted. The West does not determine the government. That means the national parties all campaign in Ontario and Quebec where all the seats are. If Maverick wins some seats in the West, we can be the balance of power in a minority government while the other parties fight over Ontario and Quebec.

How will Maverick Defend the West?

The federal government continues to trample on provincial jurisdiction as evidenced by the repeated court loses. It is not enough, though. A Maverick coalition holding the balance of power can demand the repeal of legislation unfair to the West as a condition of support for the current government.

Is Maverick a Separatist Party?

The quick answer: it depends. Maverick is the only federal party that has pledged to support a referendum in each western province asking the population for its will. Maverick will respect the will of the provinces. As a federal party, we cannot singularly initiate a separation. So strictly speaking, no federal party is a separatist party. Even Bloc Quebecois.

We hope it never has to get to that point as separation would be a messy and complicated process. A terrible price to pay for the small demand of Ottawa to treat the West fairly.

How is Confederation Unfair to the West?

The West’s place in Confederation desperately needs to be addressed. We pay disproportionally into all federal transfer programs and equalization while receiving little or nothing back. The result is a huge wealth transfer from West to East. Both Conservative and Liberal governments keep the wealth transfer in place, buying votes in eastern Canada with Western Canadian tax dollars. Only Maverick Party MPs will be truly interested in addressing these inequities.

Why Join the Maverick Party?

It is a promise you make to us to help us build our party united under our common beliefs and core values. Being a member of the Maverick Party confers several benefits. Understanding these benefits lets you make an informed choice when choosing to buy a membership. You can also maximize your investment by ensuring you exercise as many of your benefits as possible.

All Maverick members receive the following benefits that are unavailable to the public at large:

  1. Ability to serve on a Maverick EDA. Generally speaking, you may only serve one EDA but it does not necessarily have to be for the riding you live in. Click here to learn more about EDAs.
  2. Ability to vote in a contested nomination contest to determine who will be your Maverick candidate in the next election for your riding. You may only vote in the riding where you live.
  3. Ability to vote for Maverick EDA board members. You may only vote for board members in the riding you live in.
  4. Ability to bring forward a policy resolution to your nearest EDA and have it voted on for bringing to the Maverick AGM.
  5. Ability to vote for a Maverick Leader in a leadership contest.
  6. Ability to vote for Maverick Executives and regional Directors.
Why are Volunteers so Important?

Without volunteers, there is no party. Volunteers are the boots on the ground. There are many ways to volunteer: join a committee, help with social media, help with events, get the word out, be part of the Western Solution. Even a few hours a week can make a huge difference.

Can I get Involved Locally?

Yes! Consider getting active in your local Electoral District Association (EDA). Elections Canada requires that all Federal ridings must establish an EDA that is run 100% by volunteers. These important volunteers choose the candidate for their riding who will be your potential Member of Parliament. Check out this article to learn more.