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Who we are

Our website address is:

Maverick Party is a registered Canadian, federal political party under Elections Canada under provisions contained within the Canada Elections Act.

Candidates and riding-level boards known as Electoral District Associations affiliate with Maverick Party per the relevant provisions of the Canada Elections Act but are separate legal entities. This website is run and maintained by Maverick Party.

Maverick may be used as shorthand to refer to the legally incorporated entity known as Maverick Party and registered as Maverick Party Fund. Any reference to we, our, or us refers to Maverick Party and its agents.

Collection of Personal Information

To provide online services, we collect, retain, and share information about website visitors. This information contains both personally identifiable and anonymous personal information. Maverick Party retains exclusive rights and discretion to use anonymized personal information. Examples of anonymized personal information includes, but is not limited to: aggregate data on site activity by users, technological specifications of your software and hardware, referral sources, and browser language selection.

To provide profile and transactional services to our members, we are required to collect identifying information such as billing address, IP address, ISP host information, credit card information, phone number, name, and email address. We may also collect additional information optionally that you submit through our online forms such as date of birth, mailing address, or feedback and comments.

Maverick may ask to see government issued, photo identification for the purposes of verifying or matching your identity with a guest list or membership list for events or voting activities within the party. Maverick does not store your photo identification in any electronic database.

Regardless of prior contact with Maverick Party, as a registered political party, Maverick Party may possess voter information given to us by Elections Canada or collected as part of our canvassing and election activities. This information includes your name, address, and whether or not you voted in the current election in effect when the information is shared (but not for which party or candidate you voted for).

Usage of Personal Information

Maverick uses technological information exchanged between your device’s browser to assist with your website experience. This includes session information for maintaining your sign in to our website, screen size to determine whether to display the desktop or mobile version of the website, and IP address and host information provided to our security apparatus.

Session data is anonymized and exchanged with search engine providers and page tracking applications to provide us feedback on which pages you visit and how long you visit them. This exchange of information also allows us to determine the origin referrer that led you to our website. This vital information is used to gauge interest in content and the origin of website traffic. This data exchange cannot be disabled for any single user by Maverick. These settings are controlled by your browser client and device. For more information, please consult an information technology expert or your browser client developer or your device manufacturer.

Personal, financial information such as credit card information, billing address, email address, and all associated technological data to prevent fraud are not processed by Maverick Party directly and are instead supplied to our secure payment processor, Stripe. For more information, please see the Third Party Services section below.

Your personal, identifiable information such as name, address, phone number, and email address are collected to provide services to registered members. That include informing members of important account updates, sending fundraising requests, sending newsletters, and making Maverick announcements. This information may be used to contact you during an election to gauge support or solicit donations. This information may be used outside of elections to ensure continued engagement.

Personal information received from non-members is maintained in the voter registry. It may be used to contact you during or outside elections to solicit feedback or gauge interest and support in our party.

Personal information collected from non-voters is maintained to ensure compliance with election laws including ensuring we are not soliciting votes or donation from non-citizen, non-resident persons.

Personal, identifiable information is collected in accordance with our compliance obligations with Elections Canada and must be shared with the elections authority. This includes sharing your name and address if your donation exceeds the amount prescribed by Elections Canada. For more information on Elections Canada, see the Third Party Services section below.

Maverick reserves the right to share your contact information with third party contractors without prior notice for the purposes of contacting you on our behalf. Such arrangements shall be in compliance with CRTC regulations and Elections Canada regulations. For more information, see the Third Party Services section below.

Maverick reserves the right to maintain internal business records of financial transactions above and beyond the minimum legal requirement from Elections Canada and Corporations Canada. Your information may be retained for the entirety of Maverick Party’s existence for the purposes of keeping accurate records of Maverick activities.

Maverick may use personal information collected from attendees to Maverick events for the purposes of verifying your identity, assessing event success, security, and promotion. Maverick may use photographs of you in a large crowd without a prior media authorization provided you are not being singled out in the photo as its focus or intent. For example, we may take photos or videos of a leader’s speech and incidentally capture a portion of your body in that image.

Maverick may use your personal information for the purposes of verifying your identity when voting in leadership races, nomination contests, board elections, Annual General Meetings, and other activities that can reasonably be foreseen as requiring you to establish your identity.

Maverick may collect and store your signature on nomination papers required for either internal party activities or Elections Canada nominations. Your signature is destroyed once the purpose for which it was collected has been fulfilled. If collecting signatures for Elections Canada requirements, Maverick will share those signatures with Elections Canada. For more information, see the Third Party Services section below.

Protection of Personal Information

Maverick Party maintain security applications and practices to safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse and from loss or alteration. Maverick exercises due diligence in regards to information system security to prevent security incidents.

Maverick has legal and ethical obligations to ensure only authorized persons are able to access sensitive personal information. You have certain recourse rights if you believe your information was disclosed by Maverick to a third party beyond the limits of this Privacy Statement. You may contact [email protected] or Elections Canada with any concerns regarding an unauthorized disclosure or use of your personal information.

Accuracy of Personal Information

Maverick Party updates its internal databases when we receive information from various sources. However, information can become out of date over time. You can request to update inaccurate information by contacting Maverick Party at [email protected].

External Links

Maverick posts external links without warranty or representations as to the truth, accuracy, suitability, security, or accountability for content on external websites. Maverick will accept no liability or responsibility relating to you clicking an external link.


Maverick has legal compliance obligations to retain financial transaction records. Maverick will also maintain a record of people who have requested that we no longer contact them or who have been reported to us as deceased to ensure there is no inadvertent contact made during outreach efforts. In these instances, Maverick must maintain your phone number and/or email address on file in order for automated systems to know not to contact them. These records will last indefinitely.

Voter information including voter support, vote history, address, name, and history of interactions are retained indefinitely for the purposes of contesting elections.

Feedback you share with Maverick may be retained until the purpose for collecting the feedback is fulfilled. Maverick reserves the right to record feedback received from members to their member profile and retain it indefinitely.

Any request to delete your personal information stored on our systems will be refused if doing so results in a breach of our legal compliance obligations.

Request for No-Contact

Maverick uses various methods to perform outreach. While Maverick strives to ensure we are not contacting someone who has previously requested that we not contact them, there may be instances where exceptions apply or contact information was inadvertently added to our automated systems.

In regards to email communication, Maverick categorizes emails into two distinct groups: transactional and promotional.

Transactional emails cannot be opted out of because they are confirmations of actions you take on our website such as giving feedback, asking questions, contacting Maverick, or completing a donation or membership transaction. Transactional emails include notices about pending membership expiry. Transactional emails often contain a disclaimer at the bottom that reads “You are receiving this email because you completed x action/to keep you updated on important account information“.

Promotional emails are mass communications we send to subscribers to promote Maverick, solicit donations, or make Maverick announcements. You choose to opt in when you subscribe to Maverick for updates on our website, complete a form authorizing us to email you, or attend one of our events. You may withdraw this authorization at any time by providing written notice to [email protected] or utilizing the internal unsubscribe mechanism included with the email.

By completing a form giving authorization to contact you using SMS, you may receive SMS messages promoting Maverick, soliciting donations, or making Maverick announcements. You may withdraw this authorization at any time by providing written notice to [email protected] or utilizing the internal unsubscribe mechanism included with the SMS message.

Maverick may attempt to visit your house during neighbourhood canvassing efforts as part of our legally protected ability to contest elections and promote our candidates. You must provide a clear instruction that, specifically, Maverick Party is not permitted to visit your house. You can do so verbally to our canvasser, or by providing written notice to [email protected].

Regardless of any previous communication from Maverick, we will attempt to honour requests for no-contact to the best of our ability. It sometimes happens that mistakes within or beyond the control of Maverick Party result in a contact to someone who has requested to not be contacted. In these situations, please remind our canvasser of the no-contact request and we shall record such.

Third Party Services

Maverick utilizes several third party services to provide our members with value, contest elections, and meet our legal obligations.

Payment Processing Stripe’s Privacy Policy may be viewed here:

Website Data Storage Maverick Party rents storage space for website data from GoDaddy. Read more here:

Election Compliance Maverick shares financial, personal, and membership data as part of our legal obligations with Canadian election laws. Read more here:

Corporate Compliance Maverick retains records as required by Canadian corporations and non-profit laws. More information here:

The technological base the Maverick Party website is built on relies on data exchange with several third parties for the purposes of enhancing user experience, tracking website engagement, and security needs. To ensure the integrity of our security systems, we will not disclose a comprehensive list of our security measures and providers. Information exchanged with these providers is anonymized and they do not have access to voter information that we store.

Maverick Party may supply your contact information to email, SMS, and phone calling providers to election contractors, and/or volunteers for the purposes of contacting you on our behalf. These third parties have obligations under the CRTC and can be found here: and under CASL found here:

Ban on Sale of Information

Maverick Party is forbidden from selling our internal records, voter information, or your personal information to any entity by law. Maverick takes this obligation seriously and we pledge to not sell your information to any entity.

To further protect your information from malicious actors, we will not provide your information to any contractor or third party that does not demonstrate compliance with Canadian laws and requirements.

Legally Obligated to Disclose

Maverick shall disclose information only to the extent necessary to satisfy requests from law enforcement, compliance investigators, and auditors.

How to Contact Maverick

For general inquiries including inquiries relating to your membership, please email [email protected] or call +1 587-885-2555. Maverick Party’s registered address is 7410 Fairmount Dr SW Calgary, AB T2H 0X7.

For privacy inquiries, please email [email protected]

For inquiries relating to information technology or for technical support, please email [email protected]

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This privacy policy was last updated January 19, 2024.