Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Maverick Party membership. A membership confers several benefits. Scroll past the form below to see some of them.

For paper membership forms:

Individual Membership

Family Memberships

Being a member of the Maverick Party confers several benefits. Understanding these benefits lets you make an informed choice when choosing to buy a membership. You can also maximize your investment by ensuring you exercise as many of your benefits as possible.

All Maverick members receive the following benefits that are unavailable to the public at large:

  1. Ability to serve on a Maverick EDA. Generally speaking, you may only serve one EDA but it does not necessarily have to be for the riding you live in. Click here to learn more about EDAs.
  2. Ability to vote in a contested nomination contest to determine who will be your Maverick candidate in the next election for your riding. You may only vote in the riding where you live.
  3. Ability to vote for Maverick EDA board members. You may only vote for board members in the riding you live in.
  4. Ability to bring forward a policy resolution to your nearest EDA and have it voted on for bringing to the Maverick AGM.
  5. Ability to vote for a Maverick Leader in a leadership contest.
  6. Ability to vote for Maverick Executives and regional Directors.

Maverick members also financially sustain our party. It is important that your email remains updated with us because that is our primary method of communication. Membership is also an obligation. It is a promise you make to us to help us build our party united under our common beliefs and core values. There are certain eligibility requirements to ensure the playing field is level:

  1. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident legally entitled to reside in Canada.
  2. You must be 18 years of age or older, OR have parental permission for youths aged 13-17. No person under the age of 13 is permitted to buy a membership.
  3. The membership must be bought using your own personal funds. You may not use corporate or union funds. No one can reimburse you and you cannot buy a membership on behalf of someone else. There is a limited exception for members of the same family residing at the same address. Buying a membership for other members of your family must be with their consent. It is recommended that you register unique email addresses for each membership, if possible.
  4. You must agree with the founding principles of Maverick Party. Including, but not limited to, fighting for western rights from federal overreach, more independence for each western province to manage their own affairs, greater autonomy for people living in the West, and true western representation.
  5. You should not actively maintain a membership with another federal party. It is fine to have a membership that you are waiting to lapse with another party, but you should not renew your other party membership while also maintaining a Maverick membership.
  6. Maverick’s constitution also specifies that you should reside in the western Canadian provinces or any of the territories, but this provision has been interpreted to also included that you maintain any meaningful connection to the West and possess a desire to see the West better itself. We will not refuse a membership request from Ontario, Atlantic Canada, or Quebec, but you must understand that we do not desire to build or maintain EDAs or run candidates in any of those locations.