Time for Saskatchewan to Prosper

Saskatchewan, hard to spell but easy to draw, is a very resource rich province.  Agriculture, oil, gas, forestry, helium, potash, and uranium are the backbone of our economy here. However, resource development is energy intensive.  At the present time one cannot farm, extract oil or mine without the use of fossil fuels.  Our federal government knows this very well but acts as if oblivious to the fact.  They choose to hamper the fiscal and social well-being of Saskatchewan with their ideology and errant policies.  

The responsible and steady development of our natural resources leads to royalties, jobs, tax dollars and vibrant healthy communities.  Hospitals, schools, roads, and other infrastructure can be maintained or built.  Doctors, nurses, teachers, and law enforcement can be hired to care for our residents.

Saskatchewan is a safe and vibrant place to live, work, build a business and raise a family. We have access to quality infrastructure, an innovative and skilled workforce. And proximity to vast natural resources which are developed in the world’s most environmentally conscious manner. 

But we do have problems.  The Carbon tax is driving our energy costs through the roof. Saskatchewan has long cold winters. With a low population there is a lot of driving involved to get anywhere. And our markets are a long way off.  We do not control our own immigration and its more difficult for banks to lend to non-“green” businesses.

We can make it better.  Saskatchewan has unique needs and opportunities.  We are home to very smart innovative people and lead the world in carbon capture.  Let’s take the shackles off! Let’s use our resource revenue in a responsible manner to develop new technology to meet the world’s needs.

Saskatchewan has only started to develop our Lithium reserves (which are priced ~ $17,000 per tonne). Lithium is solution mined from produced fluids (saline water) in the oil industry and dedicated Lithium wells. The Fossil fuel industry can work hand in hand with the renewable energy industry.  One benefits the other. We have the know how and the people to capitalize on this, but our federal government doesn’t want the west to succeed.  They want Canada to grow service-based industries which Canada is not as competitive as other countries.  Math is hard for the feds, very hard. Canada is a large country with little population. Service industry is a tough sell on the back 40 here. 

Let’s let the west out of the Penalty box.  Let’s stop spinning our wheels and set our eyes on success. Develop our resources in a respectful and responsible manner so the entire world can benefit. From newly minted Canadians to our First Nations People.  Let’s work together to make the West a better place.  That starts with a common-sense vote with Vision that starts with a Maverick!

Maverick Party working hand in hand with the Western Provinces will ensure a strong and resolute future for Western Canada. 

Chuck Toney
Maverick Party