If Alberta says it . . .

Let me get this straight, Jagmeet, so Quebec can express intention to opt out of your national pharmacare plan, but when Alberta does so you go on the offensive questioning how we would explain to the suffering population why the government does not care about them?

I paraphrase, of course, but it does not take an English major to read between the lines here. The federal NDP leader addressed only Alberta directly while speaking more generally in response to a question about other provinces potentially opting out – though only Quebec and Alberta made public expressions at that time – with Quebec’s opposition being made before the deal was announced.

Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/10318091/ndp-jagmeet-singh-alberta-quebec-pharmacare-opt-out/

The assertion is, of course, ludicrous, but that does not stop Singh from using every possible opportunity to bash Alberta conservatives. It should be clear by now that the federal NDP hates you. They hate everything you believe in. They hate the way you live. They hate your yearning for freedom. They hate that you will not roll over and let their agenda flourish.

You see, Alberta, Saskatchewan, rural Manitoba, and northeastern BC are the last bastions of defence against Agenda 2050, net zero by 2030, nitrogen restrictions for farmers. Shut up and do what the government tells you because the government knows best. They will come after homeschooling next. We already know what leaving ideologues alone with your kids most of the day results in.

So of course, Singh must criticize Alberta when they take a stand to his agenda. His vision of socialist Canada is nearly complete but for some stubborn westerners. Why would he back down now when he has been nothing but successful up until this point?

The next election cannot come soon enough. Unfortunately, we may be waiting until 2025 thanks to this breakthrough deal. Unless something really unpredictable happens, it appears Poilievre will cruise to an easy majority. But then what? Look past the next 8 years when Canada gets sick of Poilievre and elects Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland or God forbid, PM Steven Guilbeault.

Poilievre knows the West will always vote for his party. What incentive does he have to actually fix the inequality in Canadian elections when he can simply scare you into voting for him with fantasy vote-split tactics? If the West had any meaningful say in who becomes PM, then they might see through the charade that is his Ontario-first election strategy. They might vote and donate to someone else who doesn’t campaign in Ontario all the time.

Pierre Poilievre’s nightmare scenario is electing Maverick MPs because he will then be forced to deliver results for the West including the changes necessary to ensure True Western Representation. Remember the wisdom behind “give a man a fish and feed him for a day or teach a man to fish and feed him for life”? Poilievre is not interested in teaching us how to fish. He is content to give us a fish each day and ask for money and votes. Or he will take the fish back.

With Respect,
Tim Barnes

Tim is currently studying law at the University of Saskatchewan. He sits on the Maverick Board of Directors representing Saskatchewan. Feature image was generated using Bing AI.