Carbon Tax is the Anti-Freedom Tax

A recent conversation with a local business got me thinking.  They pay ~$4800 per month in Carbon Tax.  This is more than last year as Carbon tax has increased.  The Carbon Pricing is supposed to encourage them to modify their behaviour to use less Carbon intensive energy sources.  They are in the trucking business.  There are no alternative sources of fuel besides diesel to power their trucks.  They maintain their fleet to the best of their ability and travel at lower speeds to consume less fuel.  What more can they do?

Like many companies they have a budget to donate to charitable organizations ie youth sports, etc.

The Carbon Tax has them considering cutting their charitable donations as they wish to remain profitable.  This is an infringement on their Freedom.  How so?  They used to have choice in where their $ were spent.  Now they do not. Their choice was local charities where they could see the results and the benefits of their charity within their own community.  Now those $ get funneled to Ottawa to be squandered by the Laurentien Elite and used to create jobs in Eastern Canada.  The Maverick Party believes in Freedom.  We believe in smaller government. We believe that government doesn’t belong in business.  We believe that government should not pick winners and losers.  We believe it’s not selfish to stand up for the west.  We believe in Freedom.

Has your own charitable budget been reduced as the Carbon Tax increased? The more you earn the less of a rebate you receive.  This government takes away your freedom to choose where your $ should be spent.  Currently the Equalization Program in Canada does the same.  Our federal portion of the West’s Income tax stays in Ottawa as well as the GST collected here and the federal government chooses how to spend it.  In the “Have not” Provinces of QC, NB, NS and PEI they have the freedom to choose how to spend the tax $ collected there.   Why take away the Freedom to choose for the West?  Big Government knows best! (Sarcasm) The East knows best! (more sarcasm) The Reform Party used to say “We want in” now we say “We want out” No more Eastern control of our immigration, taxes, pensions, gun control, etc.

Western Canada needs a fair shake.  Western Canada needs a voice federally.  Its great to see the provinces stand up to our overlords in Ottawa. Let’s give them the support they need Federally by supporting the Maverick Party

Chuck Toney
Maverick Party