A New Website! UPDATED!

Update Feb 26 2024

We can assist a little with navigating the new website. Under My Maverick > Login will be how you log into the website. If you have never logged in or set a password on this new website then you will need to reset your password using the link “Reset Password“. You must use the same email attached to your membership on the old website. This is typically the email you receive your Maverick newsletters on. Some people may have had more than one email registered with us and this migration would have only preserved one of them. If you need to change your registered email, just Contact Us and let us know.

Our system prevents username discovery by hammering it with random usernames, so if you spell your email incorrectly, the system will initiate lockout procedures. Once you go through the password reset process, you can then log in. The system enforces a strong password policy that requires at least one letter, one number, and one special character with a minimum of 8 characters. Strong passwords prevent someone from stealing the highly private and confidential information stored about you including your membership status, donations history, and event registration.

Logging in allows you to visit your User Profile, Donation History, and Events Bookings to interact with those functions. We have successfully imported donations from the previous system, though the dates may show as the system timestamp when they were imported. Rest assured our internal records preserve this info and you can get in touch any time to verify donation receipts. Please take a moment to ensure your profile information is correct. We also have separate address boxes for your residential address and mailing address. Our system can understand legal land descriptions. The system does not validate your address, so please ensure it is entered and spelled correctly.

If you scroll past the profile information, you will find the info our system has regarding your membership data. Please check it for accuracy. You can email us any time if you are unsure about your membership status. There has been a gap where people with expiring memberships were not notified. We are working through this backlog to ensure that our members know exactly when their membership expires.

Original Post below

Maverick is looking towards our future and preparing for the next election. Put simply, the new website allows us to spend more time on promoting Maverick and less time doing website maintenance. This represents a major change compared to the old website and your bookmarks may no longer work.

First off, the new website will emphasize dynamic content (articles, news, etc) over the same old static content. One of the goals of this refresh was to have Maverick supporters engaged with us. They would be able to return week to week and find something new to read or engage with.

We strive for perfection on the first try, but it does not always go that way. If you see something that is not working correctly or any typos, please email [email protected] and bring it to our attention.

Merry Christmas (are we still allowed to say that?), Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!
IT Support Team
Maverick Party