Getting Back to Basics

There is little question that the world has seemingly become a more complicated place in the past decade or so.

Schools seem to be less concerned about educating our kids to prepare them for the world than dealing with social issues like gender identity.

Our politicians spend countless public dollars on social policy and environmental issues that they have no hope in changing. Instead of creating infrastructure that might help mitigate any future damages caused by climate change they focus more on what car we drive and the type of straws we use. Then tax us heavily for trying to heat our homes in winter and get to work just to pay those same taxes while runaway inflation eats away at every dollar we earn.

Everywhere we turn people are being “offended” right left and center by something someone somewhere has said. Back in the day if you didn’t like something you saw on television or heard on the radio you simply turned the channel and gave it no further thought. Today people will spend hours complaining about or protesting against it.  There seems to be this constant simmering rage in society ready to explode at anytime over almost any little thing.

What is the cause of all this underlying frustration and fascination with unsubstantiated crisis?

And of course, there is no end of the social media vehicles where people can rage, complain, and protest every little violation of their “rights” and the state of their distress. When did we become so entitled? We have become a society of complainers instead of people willing to roll up our sleeves to fix real problems.

At the Maverick party we believe in getting back to basics

We believe schools are for basic education NOT replacing parental involvement with their children’s social development. We believe that libraries are for reading and learning NOT to display sexual preferences.

We believe that politicians need to listen to their constituents and do what is best for their community not their party – all the time not just when it is convenient, or they want to get re-elected.

We believe in a government that actually focuses on real problems they can solve, in a reasonable time frame with the least expense possible NOT impotent pandering to leftist agitators.  

We believe that women/girls’ sports should be restricted to biological women NOT men who have made a “gender” choice.

We believe that Canada is the world’s solution to climate change NOT the problem. We should be exporting more oil and natural gas not less as the preferred alternative to less efficient energy production.  If things do go to hell in the future, then the world will be looking to us with our abundance of land, water and natural resources for help. So we should be building infrastructure not crippling our economy of a false sense of martyrdom.

We believe in taking personal responsibility for your actions and words. We believe in thicker skins and less entitlement that is not earned. No one owes you a living although we do believe in a hand up but not excessive hand outs.

We believe the courts are there to deliver justice and that laws need to protect the victim first. Neither should be used to victimize innocent parties further. Crime and criminals should be dealt with speedily without the endless loopholes and misdirection found in legalspeak.

We believe that gun laws should stop criminals from using illegally obtained guns to commit crimes NOT their legal use by lawful gun owners. We believe that your “right” to protest should not be hindering my “right” to get to work on time.

We believe that the role of politicians and government is to deliver essential public services, provide safety, real health care and protect the most vulnerable in our society. But ultimately a government that governs least, governs best.

If you believe what we believe then perhaps you agree that It is time Canada got back to the basics. Perhaps you might agree there is a need for a political party in Canada that focuses on constituents and community first.

Over the next few months, we will explore these basics in more detail We will outline clear ways in which average citizens can stop the noisy minority from getting all the attention and sucking the oxygen out of every debate.   Please join us at to follow along and have your say.

Steve Chapman,
Maverick Board Member

Steve represents the Alberta branch of Maverick on the board. Feature image was created with Bing Image Creator.