Maverick Mission Statement

  • We believe the rights, freedoms, and security of all who live in Western Canada must be respected and protected regardless of age, ability, ancestry, race, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity
  • We believe in the ownership of property free from government confiscation without justifiable cause and proper compensation.
  • We believe that in honouring and preserving the distinctiveness of Western culture and work ethic, while still striving to improve western prosperity.  We are proud of our heritage and will not attempt to rewrite our history.
  • We believe in grassroots, bottom-up democracy. We will be guided by Western common sense and core free market values, and our policies will reflect our membership values. 
  • We believe that every citizen is entitled to fair and equal access to quality education, superior healthcare and a life free of threats to their personal safety.
  • We believe in a party that values personal contributions, and where personal differences are respected.
  • We believe the responsibility of a properly functioning justice system is to protect the innocent and ensure adequate deterrence of the guilty.
  • We believe that welcoming a broad-based membership best represents Western values. We encourage our members to be politically active by joining, supporting and volunteering for provincial parties that strive for autonomy and freedom. 
  • We believe that every vote in the House of Commons by our Maverick Members of Parliament must be put to one simple test: Is our support, or opposition, good for the West and our citizens.