The Maverick Platform

Maverick is often asked where the party stands on issues important to voters. Issues come and go and we often write about them in our News section. The best way to get a precise answer is to Contact Us. If you want to learn more about the values the serve as the foundation of our core beliefs, then keep reading below. Click on any header to expand it.

Fiscal Fairness for the West

The Maverick Party supports Western provinces receiving full compensation after opting out of new Federal cost-shared programs.

The Maverick Party supports increased autonomy of western provinces (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) in the areas of taxation, pension, healthcare, childcare, employment insurance (EI), immigration, energy, environment etc. In addition, the Maverick Party supports the equal treatment of the western provinces in these programs and in any future changes to federal provincial agreements.

The Maverick Party will advocate to prohibit any Federal government from spending, taxing, and legislating in areas of provincial or joint jurisdiction without consent of affected provinces.

Given the recent immense increase in government spending, The Maverick Party supports increased financial support for the Offices of the Auditor General and the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

Equalization Must Change

The Maverick Party supports scrapping the existing Equalization Formula.

The Maverick Party will advocate for a fair equalization formula that would include (for example) provincial income revenue from renewable energy (e.g., Hydro Quebec) not just from non-renewable (oil), rather than abolishing the principle of prosperous provinces sharing with “have-not” provinces as enshrined in the current Constitution of Canada.

The Maverick Party will strenuously advocate for the removal of current constraints on the Fiscal Stabilization Program that prevents Alberta from receiving billions of dollars in equalization rebates.

Trade & Industry Must be Allowed to Grow

The Maverick Party supports participation in negotiating and implementing international agreements affecting the West’s interests. We will push for the western provincial representatives to be at the negotiating table and to participate in any international agreements that affect the interests of western Canadians and in particular, our natural resource industries.

The Maverick Party will advocate for the reduction of trade barriers within Canada and promote free trade across provincial jurisdictions.

The Maverick Party will advocate for cross-border rights-of-way and transportation corridors. We support the creation of national energy corridors to develop Energy East, Trans Mountain, Keystone XL, Northern Gateway and potential new pipeline routes such as Fort McMurray to Valdez, Alaska and Fort McMurray to Churchill, Manitoba.

The Maverick Party supports the design and advancement of regional strategies for northern development. We will advocate for the federal government and northern territories to pursue discussions on northern development strategies to increase employment and business opportunities for the West and North. The importance of mining and exploration for rare and essential minerals should be a priority including oil and gas in the context of assisting other nations, especially the world’s large emitters, in reducing their global green house gas emissions.

The Energy Sector Must be Free

The Maverick Party supports repealing Bills C-48 (North Pacific Tanker Ban) and C-69 (No New Pipelines).

The Maverick Party will advocate for increased exploration and mining of minerals to expand our capacity for future manufacturing of goods and resources for Canadians first and then for export purposes.

The Maverick Party will advocate for the export of our leading-edge technologies in the areas of oil, natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, and carbon sequestration to assist other nations in reducing their harmful emissions.

The Maverick Party supports the creation of national energy corridors to develop Energy East, Trans Mountain Pipeline, Keystone Pipeline, Northern Gateway, and new potential pipelines such as Fort McMurray to Valdez and Fort McMurray to Churchill Manitoba.

The Maverick Party urges all levels of government to accelerate opportunities to develop energy corridors with First Nations partners to ship our ethical energy to world markets.

Environmental Policy can be Sensible

The Maverick Party supports scrapping the national carbon tax in its entirety and advocates all western provinces scrap any provincial carbon taxes.

The Maverick Party will advocate for market-based approaches to environmental protection, including reduction of GHG emissions.

The Maverick Party will advocate for increased investment in innovation and research into developing new technologies and upgrading existing production facilities to reduce GHG emissions.

The Maverick Party will advocate for energy options such as nuclear, thermal, LNG, hydrogen and carbon capture projects to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in western Canada.

The Maverick Party advocates that no large emitters of GHG emissions be given an environmental exemption (e.g., Quebec’s Port Daniel cement plant) and that tougher penalties be administered to those releasing pollutants into Canada’s waterways. Furthermore, we advocate that a portion of any fines be directed towards additional research and development of cleaner fuel (e.g., oil, natural gas, hydrogen, or carbon sequestration).

The Maverick Party supports the view that environmental considerations must carry equal weight with economic, social, and technical considerations in the development of a project.

The Maverick Party supports tax incentives to private companies to continue their global leadership in the research and development of leading-edge technology development of clean energy.

The Maverick Party supports assisting private companies in exporting clean energy technology to the world’s heavy emitters (China, India etc.) We will encourage these countries to switch from coal to LNG to reduce their emissions and will advocate for government policy that ensures they have access to cleaner burning energy.

The Maverick Party encourages all levels of government in Canada to become cheerleaders for responsible resource extraction and development, including ethical oil at home and abroad.

The Maverick Party calls upon central and eastern Canadians to end the hypocrisy of being critical of the West’s ethical oil while importing dirty, unethical oil from other countries. Ensure unethical foreign oil is financially penalized for “bad practices”.

The Maverick Party supports an import levy on every barrel of imported oil with an offsetting credit for every barrel of oil the exporting country imports from Canada. XII. The Maverick Party does not support further economic impositions on Canadian citizens in a futile attempt to achieve the unrealistic expectations and goals agreed to by the Liberals under the Paris Climate Accord.

Provincial Jurisdiction Must be Respected

The Maverick Party supports the removal of interprovincial barriers to trade through agreements, including trade dispute settlement mechanisms amongst the provinces.

The Maverick Party supports the twinning of railway lines from Manitoba to British Columbia (tidewater) to facilitate increased manufacturing of goods and easier movement of agricultural, oil, gas, minerals, and forest products for export.

The Maverick Party supports the twinning of major highways through Western Canada to tidewater to improve the movement of people and goods.

The Maverick Party advocates that western provinces pursue greater provincial autonomy in the areas of taxation, EI insurance, pensions, immigration, policing, education, environment, childcare, and healthcare by renegotiating federal provincial agreements and restoring the rights ceded to Ottawa or which Ottawa has encroached upon.

Indigenous Relations

The Maverick Party supports meeting with Indigenous peoples that have conveyed progressive agendas and the need for change regarding the Indian Act. We look forward to developing an open dialogue with all Chiefs (Hereditary, Traditional and Elected), Leaders and their councils, regarding a New Deal for the indigenous people of western Canada.

The Maverick Party supports the speedy resolution of Treaty Land Entitlements and Specific Land Entitlement claims.

The Maverick Party supports the accountable and timely resolution of the clean drinking water and safe housing challenges on reserves.

The Maverick Party will advocate that all remuneration and benefits conveyed to indigenous leadership be subject to the same transparency and public scrutiny as all non-indigenous representatives at the municipal, provincial, or federal levels of government.

Parliamentary Ethics

The Maverick Party supports amended rules that would see substantially increased fines or potential expulsion from the House of Commons for ethics violations (misleading the House of Commons) and Conflict of Interest violations by Members of Parliament and Senators.

Healthcare, Childcare & Social Programs

The Maverick Party will advocate for an examination of the existing childcare provisions with the goal of supporting families with children through tax benefits or direct financial compensation, thereby allowing families to make the best choices regarding childcare for their families.

The Maverick Party will resist the Federal Governments intrusions into Healthcare and social programming and will not seek to exchange cash payments from tax points at this time. We will advocate for the western provinces to re-assert their jurisdiction in areas that were provincial jurisdiction that over time have been ceded to the federal government under the pressure of financial renumeration.

The Maverick Party will advocate for western provinces to have greater flexibility of healthcare delivery, with emphasis placed upon innovation and research into best practices in other jurisdictions around the world.

The Maverick Party supports the review of seniors’ health care benefits and pensions to ensure they have adequate services and support in their retirement.

Social Conscience Issues

On issues including abortion, doctor-assisted suicide, and same-sex marriage, the Maverick Party and its MPs commit to not bringing forward party or private member’s legislation on these public policies that reflect Canadians most deeply held personal values.

Maverick Party MPs will have a free-vote in parliament if legislation is brought forward on these issues by other Parties or their MPs.

Foreign Relations

The Maverick Party supports international, economic, and political relationships that focus on multi-lateral relations with other nations that share our common values and have respect for fair trade, the rule of law, and human rights.

The Maverick Party supports a thorough review of financial commitments made to all international organizations and the United Nations with a goal of limiting our support for the United Nations regarding its’ globalization initiatives related to climate change, refugees, immigration and WHO.

The Maverick Party supports the exclusion of Huawei from participating in Canada’s 5G broadband network. Canada is currently the only member of the 5 Eyes international security network that has NOT banned or restricted Huawei’s access to developing its 5G network. Canada is part of the security alliance with the U.S.A., U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

Democratic & Constitutional Reform

The Maverick Party supports the use of democratic tools such as referenda and citizens initiatives. We will strongly advocate for far greater use of these tools of direct democracy. Citizens increasingly distrust governments and politicians; these exercises in citizen participation could help overcome the growing lack of respect and confidence in those we elect.

The Maverick Party will advocate to change the Federal government and courts overreach into provincial jurisdictions. We will advocate for constitutional change to limit the power of the Federal courts to intercede into areas of federal and provincial jurisdiction, such as the recent Supreme Court ruling that upheld the Liberal’s national carbon tax.

The Maverick Party supports fair and balanced representation of Federal Civil service and Federal offices in western Canada. We will advocate for the decentralization of the Federal civil service and offices to Western Canada to better serve the unique interests of Canadians in the four western provinces.

The Maverick Party supports restrictions and limitations on the number and types of Orders-in-Council permitted by a government during its term of office.

Firearms Rights Must be Upheld

The Maverick Party is strongly opposed to the latest Liberal firearms confiscation program.

The Maverick Party supports the appointment a Chief Firearms Officer headquartered in Western Canada.

The Maverick Party advocates for a long overdue independent process to examine all current and any future firearms legislation to ensure regulation is correctly targeted at the reduction of gun crime and not unnecessary, ineffective, and overly bureaucratic restrictions on law-abiding firearm owners.

The Maverick Party also recommends that all western provinces seek greater autonomy and oversight with respect to gun laws.


The Maverick Party will advocate for more control over immigration to western provinces. Immigration must be based on the economic needs and opportunities of the provinces and fulfill the employment skills that are needed.

The Maverick Party supports and welcomes genuine refugees.

The Maverick Party remains convinced that immigration has been a positive source of economic growth, cultural diversity, and social renewal.

The Maverick Party believes the current refugee policy is unsustainable, costly, and it is being consistently abused by refugees illegally entering at our borders. The statutory responsibility of Canada’s government is to first help those in need among our own population, and then to give priority to genuine refugees in need. Strong legislation and enforcement are required.

Judicial Reform

The Maverick Party supports a judicial system that places the punishment of crime and the protection of law-abiding citizens and their property ahead of all other objectives.

The Maverick Party supports rehabilitation programs for low-risk offenders.

The Maverick Party will advocate for the abolishment or amendment of the residency requirements of federal courts. We support the abolishment of the residency requirement of the federal court as the appointment of federal judges should be on merit as per review per Law Society of Canada.

The Maverick Party supports the right of a citizen to defend their home, family, themselves, and their property.

Media Fairness and Modernization

The Maverick Party supports ending taxpayer funding of media. The Maverick Party believes that an industry that prides itself on its independence and objectivity should not be placed into any appearance of conflict by receiving government funding.

The Maverick Party supports defunding of the CBC.

The Maverick Party advocates democratic nations commit to organizing an international conference to investigate and draft universal legislation to end social media monopolies.

The Maverick Party is opposed to government control and censorship of social media as outlined in Trudeau’s Bill C-10. V. The Maverick Party supports excluding Huawei from participating in Canada’s 5G broadband network. Canada is the only member of the 5 Eyes International Security Network (an alliance with the U.S, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom) that has NOT banned or restricted Huawei’s access to developing a 5G network.