Pierre Poilievre Asks Alberta to Remain in CPP

Why is the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada – supposedly a protector of Alberta’s place in Confederation – opposed to Alberta controlling its own destiny regarding pensions?

The data is clear, Alberta contributes disproportionately to the Canada Pension Plan and Ontario disproportionately draws from the fund. Even if you are unsure about the numbers published by Premier Danielle Smith, it is undeniable that Alberta gives more than its fair share and receives less than its fair share.

This is not meant to argue the benefits or detriments of the Alberta Pension Plan. That is up to the premier and her party to sell Albertans. What Maverick sees is that once again, the Conservative Party of Canada is beholden to its masters in Ontario and Quebec. It’s the same old story.

Anyone telling you that Pierre Poilievre is going to save Alberta’s place in confederation is ignoring all evidence to the contrary. This is just one more example.

Pierre can campaign for seats in Ontario and Quebec all he wants. He can make promises against British Columbia’s, Alberta’s, Saskatchewan’s, and Manitoba’s interests all in the hope of saving some seats around Toronto and Montreal. He can then fly to Calgary and promise that everything will be better because he will be Prime Minister.

Maverick is not constrained by having to save seats in Ontario and Quebec. We stand up for what is best for the west. By any objective, statistical measurement, Alberta is better off managing its own pension funds. SourceThat means the only argument compelling Alberta to remain in the CPP is from an emotional standpoint. Maverick Party rejects the notion of substituting good, sound economic policy for emotional baggage.

Poilievre is right about one thing: the current climate would not be possible without Justin Trudeau’s attacks on the western economy and our way of life. The subject of his ire is misplaced, however. It was the voters in Ontario and Quebec that put Trudeau in the Prime Minister’s chair. It was the voters of Ontario and Quebec that voted for continued attacks on western economies while ignoring Liberal scandals. This – everything you see today – is exactly what they wanted. Trudeau makes for a great boogeyman. A figure with imaginary power over us. Someone you tell your kids about to scare them. Likewise, the nameless, faceless voter of Ontario is the same. We all know someone in Ontario who dislikes Trudeau and the direction of our country. There are not enough of those voters. 

To say that it is hopeless to change the hearts and minds of the Toronto voter is to concede the very thing Maverick asks of you: faith. Faith that our plan can and will work. You would find it difficult to fight for something you did not believe in. To anyone who says Maverick does not believe in our own fight, our persistence and our dedication would suggest otherwise. Such a colloquial saying only goes so far to reassure our base. Our Maverick base could be forgiven for asserting that we cannot change the mind of the Toronto voter. We just have not given them any stakes to do so, yet. Withdrawing Alberta from the CPP might just be the wake up call they need. Regardless, that destiny is Alberta’s to chart. Maverick will support any provincial initiative that respects the will of its population. So we disagree with the leader of the Conservative Party. We do not advise that Alberta remain in the CPP. Instead, we advise that Alberta does what is best for Albertans.

Maverick is not a party that wishes for our country to be torn apart. We would prefer to heal this fracture as partners, but we will not compromise the West’s ambition and desire to be free from Ottawa’s undue influence. That is our mission. That is True Western Representation.

With Respect,
Tim Barnes

Tim is currently studying law at the University of Saskatchewan. He sits on the Maverick Board of Directors representing Saskatchewan.

Source Article: https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/pierre-poilievre-speaks-on-alberta-pension-plan