Trudeau Left in the Cold on Emergencies Act

Those pesky Canadian courts always getting in Trudeau’s way of trampling all over Canadians’ rights. You probably heard that the federal court ruled that the decision to invoke the emergencies act “does not bear the hallmarks of reasonableness – justification, transparency and intelligibility – and was not justified…”. You can read the entire decision here:

We are forced to witness, once again, the absolute cowardice of the NDP in continuing to prop up the Trudeau government. Maybe that is why Rachel Notley decided to call it quits. Say what you want about her policies, she was and still is an astute politician and will stick to her values, beliefs, and convictions however misguided they may be.

Before I address the public policy aspect, I want to highlight the maturity of the Judge Mosley to admit that he may have held preliminary opinions regarding the invocation of the Emergencies Act, but that he set it aside in the face of evidence to the contrary. No one pretends that judges are not allowed to have opinions. All we ever ask of our courts is to set their personal feelings aside and consider the evidence that is present in front of them.

Now, on to why this matters to Maverick. The NDP was required to support the Trudeau government to invoke the Emergencies Act. By the time the protests took place, Erin O’Toole had already secured the leadership of the Conservative Party. His red tory pitch to voters was rejected in the 2021 election. Then came the convoy protests of 2022.

Remember, the Conservative Party won the popular vote in 2021. It did not matter. The NDP pledged to pull their support for Trudeau if he violated their principles. It did not matter. The West wanted nothing to do with the mandates and orders Trudeau brought in that started it all. It did not matter.

Until it matters what the West wants, Maverick still has a mission. Maverick would not be afraid to pull the plug on any government if their actions were not in the best interests of the West.

With Respect,
Tim Barnes

Tim is currently studying law at the University of Saskatchewan. He sits on the Maverick Board of Directors representing Saskatchewan. Feature image was generated using Bing AI.