European Farmer Protests

I have been watching the ongoing farmer protests in Europe for the last couple of weeks now, and several things really stand out.

European farmers are protesting the 2030 agenda Net Zero rules that European countries are proposing that would make farming almost impossible, yet alone economically unviable, and we in Western Canada will more than likely see something similar being brought our way. Our current government is prancing along the UN 2030 agenda, alongside many other countries, and some of the protests in these countries have been quite incredible. Our legacy media chooses not to show it because it does not fit the governments propaganda ministry agenda. Europe went through WWI and II with all the propaganda from the dictators of the day, so they have a pretty good memory of history, food scarcity, and de-population. Europe is not new to effective protesting; they are actually quite good at it.

Firstly, it is just how organized European farmers are compared to their North American counterparts. In Canada in particular, you put 10 farmers in a room and 11 opinions emerge from a half hour meeting. It could be that the leaders that are chosen to organize and assemble these protests have a wealth of experience gaining common ground uniting the farming community as a whole around a problem. It could be that these farms in Europe are smaller in size than their North American cousins, and as such, there is better communications between fellow farmers because they see each other as allies instead of competition. It could also be that Europe has seen first hand the ravages of war and famine, and the devastating toll it takes on the population,…History is a great teacher.

Secondly, it is how wide spread the protests go and who all gets involved. In France, taxi drivers, truckers, just about everyone in the shipping industry, even public servants, have been involved in one way or another and has rallied in some form behind the farm organizations. You Don’t see that in Canada. Instead, you see groups of people counter protesting because their lives have been inconvenienced in a minor fashion all the while not fully understanding the true meaning of the protest in the first place. Let’s not forget the Canadian government has to wind up the false information ministry and provide the legacy media with misinformation that finally gets exposed in court several years later.

Thirdly, I find it incredible the extent the protesters go to get the message across,…and I think it is brilliant. The French in particular are fantastic at being ungovernable. Going after government buildings with manure spreaders launching liquid manure up to a second story window that happens to be open while the crowd cheers in support making sure that the government knows what the people really think of the policy, and for that matter, the government! Video emerges of farm implements ripping up roads in front of government buildings so officials can not get to work. This is a level of ungovernability we in Canada never see. Instead we have peaceful, cooperative protests that the propaganda ministry and legacy media vilify as terrorist organizations. Let’s not forget the misuse of the Emergency Act because,… well just because any Trudeau can not fully rule over Canada without using it. European countries understand protesting in all it’s forms and some damage is expected. France in particular, looks at protests more like referendum. If enough people show up and enough destruction is caused, the government knows it is heading the wrong direction.

Fourth, The population of Europe have a better internal bullshit meter when it comes to their governments. When the government of the Netherlands tried to bring in their version of Net Zero for their farmers, the farmers organized, put forward candidates for the election, and won a good number of seats in the next government. They saw support from urban populations that were several generations distant from their farmer great-great-grandparents, but who were able to understand and see through the government BS and the problems a threat to the food supply would cause. I have some relatives that won’t even talk to me because I grow a GMO crop all the while claiming their gut problems are caused by GMO wheat. Canada does not allow any GMO wheat,… but some sadly misinformed scholars, honestly, really well educated people will believe anything.

Lastly, is seeing history repeat itself. WWI and II took a massive toll on Europe, both East and West. Having relatives that went through both world wars and listening to their recollections, memories and warnings about government still are true today. Stories of what happens when government tries to be the master of the masses instead of the masses controlling the government. It does not end well for anyone when government thinks it is the overlord of the masses and can dictate proclamation without reprisal. It has been almost 80 years since WWII ended. Most of the people who remember the wars are gone, their voices silent due to time. Their stories mostly just memories that have been forgotten by a population that has had it easy thanks to the work and sacrifice of their forefathers. History is repeating itself, and when any government turns on its farmers, the masses suffer for a long long time.


Bevan Kelbert is a grain farmer in West Central Manitoba growing wheat, canola, soybeans peas, barley and oats using a combination of old and cutting-edge technology to maintain a successful small farm. Armed with a diploma of Agricultural Engineering Technology, Bevan aspires to be a farmer version of Nasa’s Gene Kranz, “I don’t care about what anything was DESIGNED to do, I care about what it CAN do.” Bevan sits on the Maverick board as the representative for Manitoba. Featured image created with Bing AI Image Creator.