The Blood Cries Out

Every indigenous family has been impacted or destroyed by a missing and murdered family member or loved one. These loved ones that have been lost matter to their families and communities. They have been marginalized. Who are we to judge that individual’s life, we have our own will and choice and sometimes it’s an unfortunate event or choice that will get us in trouble, or be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The judicial system has been not satisfactory in many of these cases, remain unsolved.  These cold cases do not bring families closure. Over the years there have been many successful rallies. Have the voices from the victims’ families been heard? Will those responsible for their disappearance be brought to justice?

Recent events in Winnipeg Manitoba display a horrible video from the Marlborough Hotel. This caused an uproar in the First nations community crying out for justice due to the horrific violence that transpired at the establishment. First Nations Grand Chiefs have gathered at the hotel calling for justice.  For far too long these violent acts have been ignored. Now there has been light shed on the darkness. Families just want justice served, it’s a right for every Canadian. These rights are entrenched in our constitution and restated in the Truth and Reconciliation Act that has been passed.

In the rich and vibrant nation of Canada, why is this still happening? Why have our First Nations brothers and sisters been ignored? Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims’ families. As the Maverick Party we understand that as western Canadians we need to advocate for everyone that calls the West home.